P2P Rio Wikisprint

P2P RIO WIKISPRINT, ask access to:

General Description of the Project

Date: 28 November, 2012

Places – Lugares


* NGO downtown Rio

* Moleque Steps in Niiteroi

Preparation Process

Communication via email list mapap2pbrasil@gmail.com ; the password is mapap2pbr

Google doc draft preparation page at

Consolidated Rio P2P WikiSprint page at:

Purpose – Proposito

To map a maximum number of ‘P2P’ based initiatives in Rio de Janeiro
in particular, and in Brazil generally – Mapear o máximo

Criteria (for inclusion)

Strict P2P production and collaboration projects are defined according
the following characteristics:

* open input: contributions must be ‘permissionless’

* participatory production and governance process: contributors must
have a say ; transparency and openness of the collaborative processes

* commons-oriented output: the results of the collaborative must be
shareable, i.e. use of commons-oriented licences

However, for the purpose of the projects, which is also interested in
all hybrid and mixed projects that invite external collaboration,
these criteria should be seen as polarities.

Projects that enter within the scope of this mapping project are:

* commons-based peer production
* open innovation, co-creation, co-design
* crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
* participatory governance and political projects such as
participatory legislation, planning, budgetting
* projects focused on openness, such as open data etc ..
* projects focused on wider inclusion and participation of broader
layers of the population
* ethical economy projects where profit-making is subsumed to wider
“for-benefit” considerations, i.e. social economy, ethical economy,
solidarity economy
* any project involving a measure of mutualization of knowledge (open
source, free licenses) and infrastructure (collaborative consumption)
; including workplaces (coworking, hackerspaces, fablabs, etc ..)
* projects involving distributed infrastructures such as meshworks for
communication, distributed machinery such as 3D Printing
* political and social movements that support any of the above


* A mapping tool for visualizing the geo-location of the projects

* Collaborative documents for draft input

* A wikipage for final inclusion

Production/Input Process

* verification of prior inclusion

* adding information on draft page

* verification by peers/maintainers/editors

* summary english translation of Portuguese-language input

Structure of the entries

* one line summary description (portuguese / english)

* main URL

* summary description, one paragraph in english and portuguese

* detailed description (portuguese, english only if available)

* discussions: extracts of any additional material adding insights to
the logic of the projects

* more information: contact information, faq/about pages, external
press coverage links

* Related projects: list similar projects with links

* Tag: use freeform keywords of your choice

* Categories: areas of activitity: Business / Politics / Spirituality
/ Movements etc .. ; category tags are verified by maintainers/editors

This is the “WikiSprint – Brazil” form. To create a page with this form, enter the page name below; if a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

Link: http://p2pfoundation.net/Form:WikiSprint_-_Brazil


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