Research Group on Collaborative Economies and Peer Production in Brazil

Research proposals


On the P2P Foundation’s current research activities

The P2P Foundation is a global collaboratory to create a knowledge commons on p2p/commons related activities, including through the monitoring of the emergence of a collaborative economy in all its facets.

Our specific research activities are the following:

–       we monitor p2p research trends through a special wiki session,, which also includes referencing of master’s and phd’ theses; and through P2P-Research tags in diigo and delicious. The wiki section contains about 540 items and has been viewed by about 28k viewers

–       we co-created the scholarly Journal of Peer Production which is hosted on our servers,

–       we co-organized about 10 different scientific conferences over the last 6  years; this does not include commons conferences with the Commons Strategies Group

–       we are part of a loose network of identified p2p researchers, i.e. the informal, which shares information through a facebook group,

–       we share information on funding opportunities with that network, including on EU grants, and have participated in several projects; the next one will be the Mirror Democracy project in Lunenburg, Germany, in 2013.

–       We produce research reports for clients such as the Orange Global Research group, i..e. the Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy,

–       individually, Michel Bauwens participates in a number of institutions such as the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Hangwang Forum (Beijing/Chengdu), the Center for Transition Sciences at the UAM (Mexico City), IBICT in Rio; advisory board positions in the Union of Int’l Associations (Brussels); Shareable magazine (San Francisco), Zumbara Time Banks (Istanbul)

Opportunities in Brazil

Cooperation with IBICT, civic and enterpreneurial groups, and public authorities/policy institutions

Brazil is emerging as one of the leading countries regarding collaborative economy practices. However, it is a under-researched area. It is also a under-reported area of development, both inside the country, but also outside.

We believe there is room for the following initiative(s).

1.     The creation of a Center for Research on the Collaborative Economy and Productive Publics

This center would:
–       monitor and promote research on the emergence of p2p/commons dynamics in civil society (productive publics), on accompagnying economic models and practices (collaborative economy), and on the enabling institutions that are necessary for its continued growth ; (emergence of partner state approaches and p2p-driven public services). This includes student-based research (master’s and PhD theses)

–       do research into the enabling and empowerment conditions, including in terms of new pubic policies or institutions, both at a national and international level, to communicate policy proposals towards public authorities. This would make it the first p2p/commons oriented policy think in the world

–       communicate from brazil to the outside world, about the emergence of the collaborative economy, social practices, and public policies, to enhance the knowledge and reputation of the Brazilian experience

–       to function as a communication channel to inform the Brazilian public about best of class practices in this area in the rest of world

–       the organization of bi-annual Open Everything conferences and exhibitions that would showcase civil and entrepreneurial initiatives in this area, creating a meeting point between external and internal experience

Link: Facebook Group


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